Hmmm moment #1


When you think about the huge amount of people who snort stuff up their noses in the UK… Out of all of them the queen has seen the most. Every time you roll up a £20 note she’s there, looking at you disapprovingly. Her face showing nothing but acceptance at your actions. Same goes for prostitutes I guess and where you put your money….

Queen’s seen some shit… Well, not really. But you know… I like to see it that way.

What if?


What if plants could just walk around and do shit like people? I mean, you’d be sat there, then an old oak tree could just come in through the window, give you worldly advice, steal your record collection and fuck off again, records hanging off the branches.

And you’d be able to do fuck all about it because it’s an oak and conservation…

Invented to illegal


How did the psychedelic drugs LSD and Ecstasy journey from a scientific discovery to a popular recreation to banned drugs? Mental health professionals once believed that LSD could treat schizophrenia or alcoholism. Meanwhile, Ecstasy, the “penicillin for the soul”, was used in marriage counselling  fuck knows how, but still… Now, both are banned, and many others are to follow due to the unintended side effects they have.

Because, like most things with drugs. One of the main effects was only perceived as a side effect. Just like Minoxidil. It was first used orally for card-vascular problems, and made the blood vessels in the body wider. However they found that people were having hair randomly grow all over their body. Long story short, it’s now used topically to promote hair growth exclusively. 

So, normal drugs are boring compared to illegal ones? Well, a lot of them WERE normal drugs adapted and used for something else.